Inspiration: Futuristic(ish) Movies

I love movies. I love watching movies for inspiration. Often I'll be more in love with a movie's costumes than I am with the story itself. Whenever I need a jolt of creative spark, these are some of my favorites to watch. Whether it is for the futuristic storyline, amazing costumes, or general badassness, these are a few flicks I can always count on (in no particular order). 


Love the concept, love the costumes. Some of those jackets are just killer. Of course, Harrison Ford isn't bad to look at either. There are some great fashion moments in this movie to add to the  sci-fi/futuristic appeal. I always laugh at the beginning when they say "2019" since we're not too far away from that now. Supposedly there is a  sequel in the works , and I'm sure the costumes will be on point.


The original is arguably one of the best of the franchise, but I love the whole  collection of Terminator movies. While the fashion isn't much to look at (hello, '80s hairstyles!), the concept of man vs. machine, apocalyptic doom, and time travel are satisfying enough to keep me entertained every time I watch the film. 


There is not much fashion to be had in this movie (what you see in the poster is basically what she looks like  the whole time) , but come on! Turin-testing humanoid (sexy) robots! The twists and turns add a shocking layer to a movie that is probably closer to becoming a reality than we'd like to admit .


While I didn't mind the concept of this movie too much (it basically flopped a the box office), the real gem is in Tom Cruise's character and his patrol costume that he wears at the beginning. The modern, minimal grey suit has so much detail and texture that can easily go unnoticed. I like to pause the movie and try to capture all the subtle details and design elements in this one scene. The electric motorcycle is pretty sweet too.


There are a few  notable costume moments in this movie that I just love. From the beginning scenes where Katniss is wearing an incredible knit piece on top of her leather jacket, to the training suits that look like futuristic sharkskin with details and patterns on an otherwise minimal costume. The Alexander McQueen butterfly dress is pretty stunning as well.

 TRON: LEGACY (2010)

This movie is just fun for a futuristic techy like myself. The costumes are minimal but so technically advanced. I love how they implemented the glowing light strips into the body suits.  From the set design to cinematography, this movie sparks new ideas for me every time I watch it. 


This is another jacket-heavy movie for me. The costumes for the hard-hitting, tough guy faction "Dauntless" get to wear all black, moto-infused jackets, pants, and sexy boots. I'm sold.