Tech: Neurocouture

I am always looking for new ways tech and fashion are merging, and it is so refreshing when that tech is not another damn wearable wristwatch. Luckily, I stumbled upon this awesome exhibit called Neurocouture, billed as "mind-reading dresses". 

Designer Nayana Malhotra created this new fashion experiment, which combines projection-mapping and brainwave detection to let people literally clothe themselves in their favorite animated files.

"Debuting as part of VFiles' show at New York Fashion Week,  Neurocouture is a projection-mapped parka hooked up to consumer-grade EEG devices. A nearby computer is programmed to detect certain brainwave patterns, then translate them into an animated GIF—which is then projected onto the parka as a sort of living animated texture." ~ Fast Company Design

This is the type of innovation that gets me really excited!  I'm dying to try projection mapping, and experimenting more with digital fashion.

 Read the full article over on Fast Company.