Film: Yohji Yamamoto | Dressmaker

If you've scanned this blog even a little bit, you know I have a huge fascination with the iconic figure that is Yohji Yamamoto. Well, I've added another must-see film to my list: Yohji Yamamoto | Dressmaker, screening at this year's A Design Film Festival. I had a chance to go to this festival in New York last year, and they bring stunning, diverse, moving, and impactful films to the screen. The line up for 2016 looks equally amazing.

Yohji Yamamoto | Dressmaker is an intimate and delving portrait of one of fashion’s most revered stalwarts. For a man who creates clothing as armour, Yamamoto opens up as never before to share the core values that shape his life and work. Interviews with family, friends, employees and confidants reveal further insight about this complex and enigmatic figure.

Since it's doubtful I'll be flying to Singapore this September, my only hope is watching the film on Vimeo when it is released on September 3rd. Fingers crossed!